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LingRep Application Programming Interface (API)

The LingRep API enables you to exploit highly complex text analytics in your applications. The integration is done via a simple standardized webservice interface. This interface offers you the possibility to upload texts and/or documents to be processed by a public or private LingRep service. Processing results are prepared on server-side to fit in divers applications in arbitrary domains.


Direct LingRep Access
■ Apply premium-quality linguistic capabilities in your applications
■ Integration via a standard webservice interface
■ Define access rights for users and applications
Service Customization
■ Create your own customized analysis
■ Define relevant elements and analysis methods
■ Specify the output relevant to your domain and your application
■ Get linguistic expert support
Linguistic Engine
■ Make use of our high-level LingRep client
■ Exploit common evaluations methods
■ Apply deep semantic search functionalities
■ Create your application-specific webservice layer
■ Distinguish multiple LingRep services
Software Development
■ Optional support during requirements elicitation and integration
■ Hire our linguistic software development team
■ Create your own innovative applications